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Five Original Short Film Ideas for Beginning Filmmakers

Writing and directing a short film is an amazing opportunity to do something creative. If you are learning How to Become a Film Director, making short films could get you noticed and help you get financing for your other projects. Regardless of how serious you are about becoming a movie director or screenplay writer, working on your own short film is a lot of fun. Here are five original short film ideas to help you get started with your project.

  1. Draw on your own experience.                                                                                          Have you been through some difficult times in the past or had some unusual things happen to you? A short film about your own experiences will be a great way to develop a style and tone that is unique and makes you stand out. This can be tricky since talking about your own experiences and feelings is not always easy. Try to find a way to convey your own experiences so that your audience can relate to what you went through as well.
  2. A short comedy film.                                                                                                          This could be a great project to work on if you want to get some attention on the Internet. People visit YouTube and other similar websites every day to look for funny content. If you have some good jokes or want to work with situational comedy, a short film can be a great format to get started. This is an excellent idea if you would like to make a series of short films and want to build an audience.
  3. Horror Short Films.                                                                                                        Some of the best horror movies had a very small budget. If you need short film ideas, you should watch some classic horror movies and ask yourself if this is the kind of short movie you would want to make. Working on a horror movie will require you to find a way to create a unique atmosphere as well as scary scenes but it can be done even with a very small budget.
  4. Romantic Comedies.                                                                                                        Are you a fan of romantic comedies? You could present your own love story in a short film. This theme is ideal for short movies since you can show two people falling in love or explore a specific aspect of a relationship without needing to create a lengthy background story.
    You do not have to follow a formula or write a story that fits into any genre when creating your short film.
  5. The Artsy Approach.                                                                                                       Some of the best short films take a more artsy approach and simply show a succession of beautifully crafted shots without really telling a story. This is a good approach if you would like to showcase landscapes, a city, create a video for a song or focus on symbolism and aesthetics instead of telling a story.There are a lot more ideas you should explore before deciding what kind of short movie you want to make. You will also have to take your budget and other constraints into consideration. Take the time to explore different ideas and to ask yourself what kind of topic you would like to approach with your short film before you get started.
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