Month: September 2016

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 0

Five important tips for better cinematography

Cinematography is the art and technique of acquiring the motion-picture images. Cinematography has evolved over the years from the twentieth century. The development and creation of new cameras has helped in creating a new field for improving photography. A cinematographer should have enough experience in ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 0

Five Tips To Create A Successful Short Movie

Directing your own short movie is an exciting experience. However, a lot of movie buffs and film students get started on this journey but never complete their project. These tips will help you prepare for your short movie. 1. - Do not get started with the ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 0

Five Essential Cinematography Techniques

Cinematography techniques are important to any filmmaker since they help tell the film's story in the most effective way possible. As a director of photography, it is critical that you learn the most effective and precise cinematography techniques to do the job effectively as well ...

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