Month: November 2016

No Title Productions Nov 22, 2016 1

All You Need To Know About The Different Filmmaking Categories

  If you have dreams of making it as a video maker, a word of caution! Filmmaking and film production can be a rather overwhelming and daunting task to the new filmmaker. Currently there are two types of films: Short films and full-length films. The more ...

No Title Productions Nov 21, 2016 0

A Beginner's Guide To Developing Short Film Ideas

  Short films are one of the easiest ways for inexperienced filmmakers to gain recognition and break into the film industry. Unfortunately, this is not a guaranteed method and only the most effective short videos are considered. Creating an effective short film can be challenging and ...

No Title Productions Nov 19, 2016 1

The Use Of Film Studies

Film studies deal with everything that has to do with making movies, short films, developing short film ideas, as well as with the theory, history and critic of cinematography. Such studies aim to give students the basic notions of film narrations, artistic effects, cultural and ...

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