Month: June 2017

No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 0

The Top 8 Film Festivals in the U.S.

Film Festivals are a crazy and wonderful experience. If you are lucky enough to get asked to participate in one. Your film can be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of film lovers, and it can be a kick-start to your filmmaking career. However, the ...

No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 1

Make Your FIRST Video Production Go Smoothly

So you have finished a script and you want to make a video of it. That is great!!! Congratulations are in order, as you have come a very long way. Now unless, you have your own crew and are going to be your own camera ...

No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 0

Choosing a Film School – Questions You Should Consider!

  The film industry is perhaps one of the broadest and most creative fields to work in. There are many film schools all over the world where aspiring filmmakers can learn how to hone their craft. These schools will teach you and hopefully prepare you for ...

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