Month: June 2017

No Title Productions Jun 03, 2017 0

Video Maker - Make Your 1st Video Production Go Smoothly

So you have finished a script and you want to make a video of it. That is great!!! Congratulations are in order, as you have come a very long way to being a working video maker. Now unless, you have your own crew and are ...

No Title Productions Jun 03, 2017 2

Always Be Writing - Screenwriting 101

Many times I will hear a screenwriter say they are stuck or are in a writer’s slump, because no ideas are coming or they don’t know what to write. They want an original idea for a film or some writing project that nobody has ever ...

No Title Productions Jun 03, 2017 2

Five Original Short Film Ideas for Beginning Filmmakers

Writing and directing a short film is an amazing opportunity to do something creative. If you are learning How to Become a Film Director, making short films could get you noticed and help you get financing for your other projects. Regardless of how serious you ...

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