Month: June 2023

No Title Productions Jun 25, 2023 0

The Best Horror Films

Whether it’s Halloween, a chilly night or any other time, the best horror films pull you into nightmarish worlds to rattle your bones for a few hours and then spit you back out again feeling both physically and emotionally shaken. They don’t just scare, though ...

No Title Productions Jun 18, 2023 0

The History of Horror Films

The genre of horror is one of the oldest and most enduring in cinema. From psychological thrillers to adrenaline rides, this genre of film and TV explores our nightmares as a means of entertainment, often incorporating gore, blood, and torture to manipulate the audience into ...

No Title Productions Jun 11, 2023 0

The Tricks of Horror Film Making

When it comes to horror film making, there are a few tricks that the professionals know to use. They are often simple, but they can make or break a movie. The main trick is the use of a heightened sense of suspense. This is accomplished ...

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