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We originally began in Chicago as actors and still are actors who continue to audition and work in theater, television, and movies. We produced over 35 plays in Chicago; independently and with The Immediate Theater Company, which we were founding members of. When we moved to LA, we produced another 5 plays. However, 2 years ago we moved into producing short films when we adapted a one-act play called The Road To Ruin. It went on to become a finalist at the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival.

John then enrolled at UCLA in the Extension Directors program and Cinematography class and began to work on and learn how to make films. What you see here is the result of that. The requirements were to make short films with certain requirements  – no sound, no dialogue. That is why some of you will ask WTF??? What are they talking about?? These films are exercises that turned out better than expected, and we wanted to put them up and show them. Our most recent film “A House Cleaning” was just accepted into the Studio City Film Festival and was one of the finalists there.

We hope that you enjoy these films as much as we enjoyed making them. There are definitely more films coming as we have 2 in post right now. If you like these films, please let us know. Or even if you don’t like them, let us know. And if you would like to see our new films when we put them up, we ask that you get on our mailing list. We will send you a note each time a new film gets released. We will always be respectful of your email, and will not spam you with silly offers for crap you do not need.

So with all that being said, we welcome you to our site and we sincerely hope you like our work.


John Montana and Peggy Goss

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