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All You Need To Know About The Different Filmmaking Categories


If you have dreams of making it as a video maker, a word of caution! Filmmaking and film production can be a rather overwhelming and daunting task to the new filmmaker. Currently there are two types of films: Short films and full-length films. The more popular option for inexperienced filmmakers is the short film as it provides one with experience of film production and is more intriguing for film executives. It has been shown that film executives and festival managers are more likely to consider short film productions over longer features. This is due to the fact that short films have a greater chance of retaining an audience’s attention; as well as being easier to fit into a film schedule.

Research has indicated that once an individual has produced a film they are likely to fall into one of the different filmmaking categories: the mature filmmaker, the unrealistic filmmaker, the success stories, and the one-hit wonder. This information will provide a brief description of the different types of filmmakers.

1. The Mature Filmmaker

The mature filmmaker is an individual who is realistic about the film industry and their abilities. They are generally the more creative individuals who understand that film production requires a large amount of skill and are willing to gain experience to meet the filming standards. This individual is also aware that successful filming requires a large amount of effort and are willing to put the time in to achieve realistic expectations.

2. The Unrealistic Filmmaker

The unrealistic filmmaker has great talent and can produce successful films; however, they have minimal work ethic and are not ready to work for their success. This individual is generally encountered in film production social media groups or on YouTube waiting for opportunity and acknowledgement to fall into their laps.

This individual has difficulty receiving any criticism and views negative feedback as a personal attack instead of chances to grow. This is the reason many of unrealistic filmmakers will submit their productions to small, unknown festivals or remain in circles where their work is acknowledged as perfect.
Due to their lazy nature, this type of filmmaker is not interested in attending film school or attending filmmaking seminars. They often believe that they do not need any additional education once a production has been accepted.

3. The One Hit Wonder

Similar to the aforementioned categories, the one hit wonder filmmaker does have skill and talent; in fact, many of these individuals have already produced successful films. Unfortunately, the success of their first films will induce feelings of arrogance and disregard for all other individuals in the film industry. This narcissism will led to delusions of grandeur and their future films are often not as effective as the earlier ones. Similar to the unrealistic filmmaker, they feel that all opportunity must fall into their laps instead of working for it.

4. The Success Stories

Oddly enough, the success stories refer to filmmakers who find success in films produced later in their careers. This is due to the fact that this individual is willing to learn new techniques, skills, and may have graduated from a film school. Similar to the first type of filmmaker, this individual is eager to learn more about the film industry and work hard to achieve their realistic goals. It has been noted that popular filmmakers fall into this category.


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