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An Intrinsic Part of Independent Filmmaking

No Film School offers an intensive, four-week training program specifically designed to train aspiring filmmakers. Filmmakers who complete this intense and fascinating program are given mentorship from industry veterans with extensive experience in all aspects of film production and distribution. This unique combination of expertise and instruction is one of the few educational establishments that offer true industry knowledge as well as genuine concern for the students. Those who successfully complete No Film School will have a solid foundation of filmmaking know-how and experience.

With schools that only teach one portion of the film industry, No Film School empowers filmmakers with a comprehensive range of topics related to everything from story development, scouting locations, negotiating contracts, and casting to virtual reality design, storyboarding, audio mixing, and photography. Those who successfully complete the program are provided with industry contacts as well as an elite network of people and experts who can help them advance in their careers. No Film School isn’t just about directing; it’s about making an entire film – a mini-production, if you will – that can turn your dream into a reality.

Unlike conventional film schools, those who attend No Film School are given a chance to create a completely independent film from the very beginning. In a standard film education, filmmakers are taught the basics of storytelling, but a structured environment exists that makes studying filmmaking fun and interesting. During each class, filmmakers are encouraged to apply the theories they’ve learned through reading, reflection, group projects, and one-on-one mentorship from experienced professionals in the field. Each week, the students are given the opportunity to do a short workshop in which they’ll be asked to develop an original screenplay. This hands-on process allows them to apply what they’ve learned throughout the semester.

At the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to attend one of filmmaker conferences or special events that serve as a networking opportunity. Conferences like these typically include panel discussions and interviews with professional filmmakers about the state of the independent film industry. Attending a conference like this gives independent creatives a chance to meet and work side-by-side with filmmakers who are in the same profession. The experience of having one-on-one time with successful, talented filmmakers is invaluable. Not only is it a great learning experience, but it provides valuable networking opportunities and experiences that can help prepare future film makers for their own personal and professional careers.

Besides a rich curriculum, a filmmaking program also offers its students access to industry insiders. Every student at a film school has the opportunity to join a filmmaking team that includes crew members and key creatives in their own industry. Through a mentorship program, No Film School students can gain insight from industry veterans who have become successful in their own right. These individuals provide the camaraderie and support necessary to successfully complete a full length film. In turn, mentors will coach students on everything from script writing to producing, from knowing where to find their first interview to negotiating deals with companies.

As one of the best film schools in the nation, No Film School makes it possible for talented, independent creatives to obtain the most in video production and digital media production. Students can gain valuable skills that will set them apart from the competition. From the basics of video production to the advanced digital aspects, No Film School will allow students to rapidly advance in their chosen craft. Students who are looking to break into the world of filmmaking or who simply desire to direct the next level in their career can take advantage of the mentorship programs offered by this prominent institute. With cutting-edge technology and an intuitively easy-to-use design curriculum, No Film School will prepare students to be the next generation of independent filmmakers.


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