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Attending a Filmmakers Coop Can Be Beneficial to Newbies

If you love nature, environment, animals, and street life, Filmmakers Coop is an ideal place to be! It’s a hub of creativity where independent filmmakers can exchange ideas, concepts and information about films. It’s also a great place to learn about film finance. Filmmakers and the environment are very closely connected. By supporting this environmentally conscious organization you are making a difference! The vision is for a world where people thrive while the natural world recovers from the destructive forces of human development.

“It is an ideal ground for artistic expression. As we’re a non-commercial, nonprofit organization, artists and estates keep creative control of our works.” This is what makes the Artists & Estate Support Program (AESP) such a remarkable initiative for the filmmakers and independent film artists of Hollywood. Through this program artists and estates are provided with resources to help them create, produce, promote and market independent films in a manner consistent with their artistic concepts and without infringing the copyrights of others. The goal of the artists is to support independent film production through events, projects, workshops, and screenings that foster artistic exchanges, stimulate new talent and expand the boundaries of film culture.

For over 35 years, the AESP has been a vital part of the film industry in Hollywood. It continues to support artists and filmmakers in need of monetary, creative, and informational assistance. There are several programs that support different areas of filmmaking. With the support of AESP, filmmakers are able to have access to training, materials, workshops, and connections to create the best projects possible.

What exactly does the artists get out of the program? To start with, filmmakers gain access to cutting-edge equipment and technology that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive for them to acquire. More often than not, the film industry students are also given valuable exposure to environmental issues, global warming, and conservation. As a student, you will be given a certification upon graduation that shows your commitment to protecting the environment through environmentally friendly filmmaking.

As an individual or a team, you will be exposed to many different topics during your training at the filmmakers coop. You will learn about the importance of local food economies in urban areas, sustainable architecture, and how to recycle. The topics are broad and are interdisciplinary as well. You will be introduced to the creative process from brainstorming, writing, acting, editing, music, photography and more. If you feel you would enjoy being involved in all aspects of the film industry, then filmmakers coop programs might be right for you.

The benefits of enrolling in a filmmakers coop include the ability to work in a supportive community that shares your vision. This environment can actually help you to nurture your creativity as you are making movies. In addition to this, you will be making films with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about the environmental issues and the film industry.


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