No Title Productions Feb 18, 2024 0

What Are Horror Films?

Horror films are a genre of film that depict disturbing, violent, dark or shocking subject matter and seek to evoke emotional responses such as fear, shock, horror and suspense from viewers. They can also be considered psychologically disturbing, causing viewers to question their own sense ...

No Title Productions Feb 11, 2024 0

The Importance of Horror Film Making

Horror films are one of the most popular types of movies out there and can be made with a very low budget. These movies usually use a mixture of tools and techniques to create suspense and scares that can make the audience feel on edge. ...

No Title Productions Feb 04, 2024 0

How to Make a Horror Film - 3 Key Elements That Will Make Your Film Stand Out

Horror movies are known for being dark and scary. This is largely due to the lighting and shadows that are used. Whenever possible, try to shoot your horror scenes at night. This will make the shadows that fall on your actors darker and scarier. It ...

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