No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 2

Video Maker - Choose Your Category

Filmmaking and film production can be a rather overwhelming and daunting task to the new filmmaker. Currently there are two types of films: the short film and full-length film. The more popular option for inexperienced filmmakers is the short film as it provides one with experience ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 3

You Can Find And Watch Great Short Films Online

There are quite a few fantastic short films, and just as many that aren't so great. That is why it is a good place to look into what you can expect from one that is going to be enjoyable to you. Everyone has a different ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 1

5 Tips on Getting A Theatrical Agent

In today's world of filmmaking, actors and actresses are starting at an earlier age than ever before, and there are many more of them. So now the competition is much more fierce than ever before. Most parents of young actors and actresses experience a great ...

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