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Understanding cinematography Lighting

Cinematography refers to the technical skill involved in taking movies and films to the next level. A successful cinematographer is a key player in the creative process of any movie. They are often highly trained filmographers and have at least a year of experience working ...

No Title Productions Feb 20, 2021 0

5 Types of Cinematography

Cinematography is the process of recording visual media and the motion of light. cinematography includes the process of composing a scene and the capturing of images. The visual elements of any scene are composed of the actors, locations, and backgrounds. Cinematography also includes the creation ...

No Title Productions Feb 20, 2021 0

How to Become a Film Director - What You Need to Know

Film directors dream of getting their big break at the major movie shows. They will work many long hours and put in many long hours, but at the end of the day they will be rewarded with big movies starring in or producing, which will ...

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