No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 1

An Overview of Film Schools

So you have decided to go a film school. That is very exciting news, but have you looked at all your options? Are you confused on where to start looking? Or even how to start looking? Well, read no further because this following discourse will ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 1

Learn Filmmaking In 6 Simple Ways

Have you wanted to learn how to make films but you do not know where to start? Well, this article will provide you with 6 simple ways to learn filmmaking. 1. Attend a Film College Currently, there are many film colleges and private filmmaking schools that you ...

No Title Productions Sep 30, 2016 2

Video Maker - Choose Your Category

Filmmaking and film production can be a rather overwhelming and daunting task to the new filmmaker. Currently there are two types of films: the short film and full-length film. The more popular option for inexperienced filmmakers is the short film as it provides one with experience ...

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