No Title Productions Feb 13, 2021 0

Screenplay Spec Scripts - What are They?

How to Successfully Write a Script as a Screenwriter A screenwriter, screenplay ghostwriter or professional screenwriter, is someone who practices the art of screenwriting, composing screenplays for movies, television shows and other media, on which popular mass media, including movies, television shows and video games are ...

No Title Productions Feb 11, 2021 0

4 Tips to Choosing Film Schools

How to Choose the Best Film School for You Film schools are one of the best ways to learn how to make movies. It's a great way to broaden your horizons beyond your normal "in the big city" setting and allow you to create something special ...

No Title Productions Dec 15, 2020 0

How Long Does It Take To Make A Movie?

How to Make a Horror Short Film When making a horror movie, how long does it take to make depends on what genre of movie you are making. For instance, horror movies have a fairly short amount of time when compared to action movies. This is ...

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