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Types of Film-Making Techniques

Cinematography refers to the art of photography; cinematography includes all aspects that are involved in taking motion Picture Pictures. Cinematography is an extremely complex field, involving many scientific disciplines. cinematography It is also called "the visual arts". Cinematography includes everything from arranging the set up ...

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Ideas on How to Be a Film Director

So you've heard of the big screen, and you've got your own little camera, now it's time to learn about the other aspects of being a film director. Many aspiring filmmakers spend years learning all the tricks of the trade, from writing a script to ...

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How To Be a Cinematographer - Getting Your Degree Online

When you study how to be a cinematographer, one of the first lessons is about the equipment that you will need. Many cinematographers use the same Steadicam or Minidom to capture their work. Other types of cameras include CCD's (camera computer systems) and DSLRs (digital ...

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