No Title Productions Jun 11, 2023 0

The Tricks of Horror Film Making

When it comes to horror film making, there are a few tricks that the professionals know to use. They are often simple, but they can make or break a movie. The main trick is the use of a heightened sense of suspense. This is accomplished ...

No Title Productions Jun 04, 2023 0

How to Make a Horror Film

A horror film is a type of movie that can be really scary to watch. Horror movies can use a lot of different tricks and techniques to scare the audience. The trick is to use enough of the right things that you can create a ...

No Title Productions May 28, 2023 0

Hereditary - The Best Horror Films of All Time

There's a reason horror is the most popular genre of film: it has the power to scare us like nothing else. Its roots stretch back to the early 20th century when Alfred Hitchcock shook the foundations of cinema with his psychological thriller Psycho, which became ...

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