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Don't Let No Film School Stop You

If you are thinking about learning how to make movies then you should look into No Film School. This is where talented and experienced filmmakers share their knowledge on everything you need to know. No Film School houses the largest worldwide network of aspiring filmmakers, independent film makers, and video producers. It’s also home to workshops and seminars for beginners, professional development for pros, corporate training for executives, and more.

What is film school you ask? Film school can be described as an education in the art of movie making. There are two schools of thought when it comes to pursuing a career in this industry. One is by getting a degree from a traditional film school and the other is by getting an associate’s degree. No Film School provides all of the tools and resources to get you started on your way to making movies.

The one advantage that a traditional film school offers over an online course is that you will have a teacher who is very familiar with the art and techniques used in creating movies. A classroom with a real instructor can provide an individual with one-on-one attention. With this type of one on one instruction, you can be assured that your progress will be closely monitored and you will be receiving personal feedback from your teacher. In the case of an online course, your instructor might not even be in your area, which could mean you would have to go out of your way to schedule an in-person class.

The biggest thing that No Film School offers that traditional film schools don’t is mentorship. Many filmmakers choose to pursue a career in the film industry because of a famous person that they have liked in a video or two. While this certainly is not a requirement, having a great mentor can benefit you greatly in the long run. Having a mentor that teaches you about film techniques and tips can help take you from a struggling independent filmmaker to a producer making feature length movies. Many aspiring filmmakers do not have this type of access to a mentor, which is why they sometimes turn to the internet to learn everything they need to know to be a successful filmmaker.

One of the reasons that I feel that the No Film School system is so beneficial to new filmmakers is because they have access to a huge community that consists of other aspiring filmmakers. By taking a No Film School course, you will join a small group of individuals who are dedicated to one goal -to get you in the front of the camera as soon as possible! One of the great things about this group is that they will give each member priceless advice and insight into the film industry. You will gain invaluable insight into the entire process, from how to conceptualize a short film, to the many technical aspects of lighting, sound, cameras and more. This group of people will steer you in the right direction.

If you have always wanted to start making films but you felt that you could not afford the educational costs or if you were afraid that an expensive film school is not for you, then don’t. Think again. Go online today and sign up for a No Film School course and get on the way to making your own films.


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