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Film Studies And Creativity

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Some movies are truly unforgettable. You can watch them ten times and still not get enough of the story. Everything seems perfect in these movies, from the light and the shooting angle to the music and the dialogues. Such artistic creations make young people come up with great short film ideas, which leads to the desire to produce outstanding films themselves. This is one of the main reasons why many teenagers choose a career in cinematography or television. These industries are dynamic and rewarding, full of glamor and awesomeness.

What young people don’t realize is that creativity and the willingness to work aren’t enough to produce such films that can remain in the memory of generations of viewers. There is an exact science of cinematographic creations and this science can be acquired by pursuing film studies.

In our modern world, one can film movies in HD with the mobile phone. It’s very easy to make a video that can look awesome even on large screens. Nonetheless, if you don’t master the technique of keeping your audience close, you are going to lose most of them after a few minutes only.

A Film School won’t make you more creative than you really are, but they are going to allow you take a glimpse into the work of great professionals in this industry. You are going to learn everything about film history, about the major creations and their points of interest for the general public and about various techniques of putting the audience in the right mood and make them watch your movie to the end. Most great movies follow precise frameworks that secure their success. Of course, the creativity of the film maker or director is very important, as it can make or break a story and its perception in the mind of the viewers. However, mastering the science of film creation gives you the right frame to build on. You can use your creativity to impress the audience, you can create unforgettable moments, but you need to know what are those tiny elements that can make a huge difference in the way people feel and understand your movie.

Additionally, film students can choose other types of careers after graduation. They can become film critics or analysts. Not everyone is born to be a director. Besides, we do need critics in order to gain a better understanding of various works of art like movies, paintings and novels.

Other students may be interested in television production and broadcasting rather than in creating artistic movies. Others may wish to produce documentaries on various topics. Some of them are going to specialize in short film production. Others are going to try their hand at creating animation movies for children or for grown ups. There’s a wide variety of specializations film students can choose to pursue in life. All of them are necessary, as we can’t live without art and especially without cinematography. We all like good movies and we want to see better and better ones being produced by the new generation of cinematography professionals.


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