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Filmmakers Start by Making Short Movies!

As a filmmaker, you already know that a short film is any movie that is around forty minutes or less in length, including the credits. But what a lot people don’t know is that anyone can be a short film filmmaker. And so we’d like to ask, would you dare to become a maker of short movies?

The good thing about making short movies is that it does not take a lot of money to make them. In fact, there are many filmmakers out there who rely on funding from other people, even crowdsourcing, or collecting money from different individuals through crowdfunding websites. But that’s really besides the point. What we’re interested in is your career as a short filmmaker.

To become one, you really only need a few things: A story to tell, a screenplay, filming equipment, and editing equipment. Of course, these things won’t come together without basic knowledge on film-making. Of course, you can always learn everything there is to know from books and courses.

So, when you’re ready, go ahead and make your first movie. But what next? Well, it’s time to show people your work. And to that, we have short film festivals.


There are many such festivals out there, and it’s highly likely that there’s one in your area. But if you really want to take it up a notch, you should join the Short Film Corner by the Cannes Film Festival.

It started in in 2004, and since then producers and directors have decided it as the spot to present their films, network with other professionals on the market and take critical measures for his or her future professions.

This is an annual event composed of workshops and other events that deal with problems which are particular to the short movie sector. For newbies, but the occasion gives them the capability to network having the main people within the film business: financiers, trade associations along with all the biggest sector players.

You need to join the Short Film Corner in the event you are filmmaker.

Its whole array of different activities will make you a better film maker. You have the chance to join an extensive variety of events that will not, and should not be missed, like round tables and workshops, amongst others.

Contribution raises the likelihood of your film being selected by international festivals, as well as revealing your capability .

Needless to say, the Short Film Corner isn’t the sole venue where you are able to showcase your work. You’ll find many, many brief film festivals out there, in the type that is independent to the mainstream. Simply search on Google for this. If there is one in your neighborhood in the event you are interested, simply add the name of the local region in your search.

Is it possible to bring in cash with films that are short? The reply is “yes,” it is possible to. However, you must network with professional people who specialize in short film distribution. You must network with professional providers. And that’s one reason why you should join a film festival for features that are short.

There are many articles on how to become a filmmaker here… just peruse them and see which ones suit your fancy.

Good luck!


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