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Filmmaking For Dummies

Filmmaking for Dummies provides you with everything you need to create, direct, and produce your own independent film, guaranteed! Filmmaking is one of the greatest hobbies in the world, yet few filmmakers truly master this art. With Filmmaking For Dummies, you can learn all of the techniques of professional filmmaking, while at the same time enjoying an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide that will show you everything from scheduling a meeting with a producer to conceptualizing and writing a script. What’s more, with detailed instruction that includes both film theory and real life movie making tips, Filmmaking For Dummies can take you from complete beginner to successful independent filmmaker in just two short weeks!

Filming For Dummies comes in seven parts: Preparing, Selling, Casting, Editing, Design and Digital Technology. In the first chapter, Bryan Michael Stoll is your friendly mentor and guide, teaching you how to prepare for filming, what equipment you need, and casting the right people for your film. The second chapter covers all of the technical aspects of filmmaking, including lighting, cameras, sound, panning, sound editing, and CGI. The third chapter focuses on digital technology, teaching you about digital video, iPhones, iPads, Wii consoles, DVD burners and camcorders.

In the fourth chapter, filmmakers get real hands-on advice on creating their movie’s trailer, how to hire a crew, what equipment they should use, and how to finance their indie film. The fifth chapter explores the importance of marketing and distribution, and the sixth and seventh chapters cover storyboards and storyboarding, actors, and casting. Filmmakers then go into production, following the Production Chapter and the Credits Part.

Filmmaking For Dummies can be very beneficial to independent filmmakers because it shows them exactly how to make a movie by showing the process step-by-step. It also gives many aspiring filmmakers a realistic idea about the film industry. As the program progresses, filmmakers will see different scenarios, actors, locations, and other factors that influence the film they are making. With each new chapter, they will also see an “interview with a famous filmmaker” and learn more about making money as an independent filmmaker. The final chapter gives students a final outline and advice on what to do after their movie is complete.

If you’re an independent filmmaker, this book should be on your list. It contains everything independent filmmakers need to know about starting out in the film industry from preparing for shoots, to finding financing and crew, to shooting, to editing, to marketing and distributing. There are no specialized filmmaking training programs, just a solid grounding in basic film techniques. However, it does not cover everything you need to know. The book may be helpful to seasoned filmmakers, but those just starting out may be bored by the lack of special topics and detail.

Overall, filmmaking for dummies can be a fun and informative read if you are a novice filmmaker or just want to brush up on your skills. If you already have experience in the film industry, this book may help you cut your learning curve and gain a deeper understanding of how films are made. Most film students agree that a solid foundation in film techniques and fundamentals is necessary before trying to create movies. This book is helpful to filmmakers who are just starting out, as well as experienced filmmakers who want to brush up on their craft. However, as many independent filmmakers have found, the best way to learn how to make movies is through self-directed learning, which means gaining real experience through working with real people on real projects.


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