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Five important tips for better cinematography

Cinematography is the art and technique of acquiring the motion-picture images. Cinematography has evolved over the years from the twentieth century. The development and creation of new cameras has helped in creating a new field for improving photography. A cinematographer should have enough experience in the field of photography in order for him to perform greatly on important tasks. Acquiring the basics shall not only help him in delivering the expected jobs but shall also help him in identifying new ways of completing various tasks.

1. Gain necessary experience
Acquiring necessary experience in the field of photography shall help you gain the basic knowledge of cinematography. Knowing how to deal with lighting and various technical difficulties that take place at the work field shall help build your self confidence and prepare you for your career. Knowing how to deal with difficulties shall help in individual development as an artist. Acquiring life experience will not only make you a perfect cinematographer but will also improve your client rate since your work shall always be completed under perfection. Experience can also be achieved by watching other cinematographers carrying out their tasks and seeking relevant advice from them.

2. Understand the importance of lighting in photography
Cinematographers are the ultimate painters of photography who know where, how and when to apply lighting. This knowledge helps them come up with a complete story. A basic cinematographer should know how to focus light on the subject to make them lit and visible. The challenge lies when one tries to make the light communicate a message that is far much relevant or even better than the one the subject is conveying.

Understanding lighting as a cinematographer can help you in creating new avenues in the field of photography. Understanding lighting shall also help you to visualize new techniques of lighting to achieve better results. Your perfection in lighting shall open new avenues for many photographers who are interested in the lighting of the work field.

3. Keep up with the new technology but do not forget to tell the story
New technology has brought new gadgets that have excited most cinematographer leaving them dependent on technology. As a determined cinematographer, you should understand the evolution of the camera and learn how to work with the different cameras in order to improve your skills. By so doing, you shall not only understand the lighting process, but you shall also learn important techniques in cinematography that could not be discovered otherwise.

4. Familiarize yourself with the working instruments
Having familiarized yourself with the various instruments of work shall help you in building the necessary confidence in carrying out tasks on a busy day. Knowing your tools of work shall also help you in organizing your items and avoid confusion during the time of work.

5. Discover important teamwork skills
A cinematographer is usually busy and is in charge of a large crew of subordinates. Therefore, as a chief cinematographer, you should be interested in discovering the important teamwork skills for managing your team for better compliance film set team


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