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Five Tips To Create A Successful Short Movie

Directing your own short movie is an exciting experience. However, a lot of movie buffs and film students get started on this journey but never complete their project. These tips will help you prepare for your short movie.

1. – Do not get started with the shooting until you have a script and a schedule. Working on your own movie is incredibly exciting but you need to remember that even the best movie directors take months to prepare before getting started on a project.

2. -Look for people who are just as motivated as you are. There is nothing worse than dealing with actors who do not show up on time, are not prepared or quit in the middle of the project. If you can afford to pay the actors you will be working with, have them sign a contract. If the actors will be working on your movie for free, take the time to look for highly motivated people.

3. – Make sure you have all the equipment you need to. You should look into renting a good camera if you do not own one. You will also need professional equipment to record sound and might also need lighting. If you cannot afford professional equipment, keep in mind that there are some excellent short films made with phone cameras and handheld camcorders.

4. – Get all the permissions you need if you are going to be filming in public places. You should contact the local governments of the different areas where you want to film. You might have to pay a fee for a film permit. If you do not want to go through the trouble of obtaining permits, you will have to do everything on private properties.

5. – Ask yourself if you have the means to shoot the movie you envisioned. If you cannot afford to spend a lot on special effects, creating a science fiction or an action movie will not be an option. Any project that would require complex decors and costumes is probably not a good idea either.

Keep things simple until you can afford to spend more on your projects and look for creative ways to make the movie you want without spending a fortune. You are probably going to need to get help from others besides the actors you hired. You might for instance need a few camera operators, someone to record sound and someone to help you editing or work on special effects. You could also get in touch with local artists to see if they would like to create a song for your project if you do not want to use music that is in the public domain.

Preparation is key when working on a movie, even a short one. Do plenty of research and talk to other movie directors to find out more about what they found challenging and which issues they did not foresee before they began shooting. The amount of time and effort you put into the preparation stages will definitely influence the quality of the finished product.


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