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How To Start Making a Short Film Today

A short film is anything under two hours in running time that cannot be considered a full-length feature film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences definition of a short film is “a movie that has a running duration of less than 40 minutes, with no climax, ending scene, or other special effect”. Animated short films have the highest success rates among all types of short films. Because of this they are often given the best prizes at various award ceremonies.

Short films can be either narrative or non-narrative. Movies like Big, Little hit theaters by showcasing the lives of ordinary people and how their struggles with life cross over with the plot. This was then turned into an animated short film and went on to become one of Disney’s best-selling movies. In the same genre you can also find animated short films like Zootopia, Yourself With aknife, ParaNorman, Moana, Finding Nemo, etc. These are only a few of the many short films that are available for viewing online.

Animated short films are often more affordable than feature length movies, especially considering the fact that short films have a shorter running time and therefore don’t need to pay for special effects. Another reason short films are cheaper is because the amount of work involved in making an animated short film is significantly less. Animation is a way to make movies quicker without having to use lots of expensive equipment. The amount of work typically involved in creating short films is less than ten minutes of actual film. The cost of producing short films is also often quite a bit less than that of long films. The combination of these two factors lead to animated short films being a great way for aspiring filmmakers to learn how to create short movies.

If you’re interested in making your own short film, you should try searching online for resources that will teach you how to write a short film. A quick Google search for short film writing tutorials should be able to provide you with enough information to get you started. There are a lot of great books available for short film screenwriting and some of them can even be downloaded from the internet for free! This is a great resource to pick up if you’re short film writing skills are still developing.

One thing that I should probably mention about short films is that they often require you to come up with some original content. Because of this it’s recommended that you find a novel idea before you start creating your short films. Novelty ideas are everywhere (most of us have heard of the TV show Gravity). The problem with using popular characters or themes from television shows and other forms of entertainment is that they have become so commonplace that we are so used to seeing them that they no longer create any original excitement. Novelty plots, dialogue, and other components of short films should all be original to your short film and not based on someone else’s work.

Lastly it’s important to remember that making short films takes time. They require you to set aside time each day to spend on them. Although I believe there is a misconception that creating short films means sitting around the computer waiting for them to download and post to YouTube, that isn’t the case at all! You’ll also need to be disciplined about when you set aside time for your short film. Once you’ve finished your film, you should have enough time to revise it and to polish it up for submission to online viewers and movie distributors!


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