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Online Screenwriting Classes

Screenwriting is A Very Lucrative Profession – If You Can Learn to Write

Do you wish to learn screenwriting? The art of screenwriting is not difficult to master, but it takes a long time to become truly proficient. A screenwriting course is a good investment in your screenwriting career. These courses provide screenwriting tips and advice as well as advanced screenwriting training.

Non-Credit Screenwriting Degree. The non-credit Screenwriting Degree will introduce you to the various aspects of screenwriting: screenwriting fundamentals, screenwriting rules, screenwriting methods, and film industry specific knowledge. A non-credit screenwriting degree is given to students who successfully complete all four required classes over one or two consecutive summers. Students may choose to take a screenwriting course that focuses on one of the various forms of screenwriting: screenwriting for screenplays, screenwriting for TV, screenwriting for motion pictures, or screenwriting for the web.

All students are able to enroll in a screenwriting program at Emerson College. Students can also choose to enroll in a screenwriting class in addition to enrolling in the screenwriting program. Many screenwriting classes also include some electives. Students should check with the screenwriting department at Emerson College to confirm what electives they will be taking.

New York film Festival. The Emerson College screenwriting department sponsors the annual New York Film Festival. This is a unique opportunity to meet screenwriters and get first hand information from successful screenwriters. You can learn about story ideas, current trends in screenwriting, new screenwriting software, screenwriting jargon, and much more.

New York Television Critics Panel. The Emerson College is proud to sponsor the New York Television Critics Panel, which receives financial support from the Equity Press Council and the Satellite Television Association of America. Past attendees have included executives from HBO, Showtime, FX, Fox, and other major television networks. The panel provides feedback on the latest TV shows, new TV shows, popular TV shows, TV miniseries, movie franchises, behind the screen politics, and more. This is a great chance to learn what you can do to improve your screenwriting skills.

Emerson University offers over 35 different screenwriting programs. Students can choose to study screenwriting in the traditional classroom settings of a lecture hall and library setting or online screenwriting courses through the internet. Many times traditional classrooms are very intimidating to many others because of the nature of the subject matter; however, online screenwriting courses are very welcoming to a wide range of screenwriters. Some programs even offer private tutoring services to help students to better prepare for their screenwriting exams. There is no limit on the screenwriting subjects that you can choose to pursue, therefore, if you have been unable to write a screenplay before, or if you are unsure about how to write screenplays, there are many opportunities available to help you prepare for a career in screenwriting.


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