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The Use Of Film Studies

Film studies deal with everything that has to do with making movies, short films, developing short film ideas, as well as with the theory, history and critic of cinematography. Such studies aim to give students the basic notions of film narrations, artistic effects, cultural and political implications rather than the advanced skills and knowledge of making movies.

If you decide to pursue a career in filmmaking, a good film school can give you everything you need to get started. You are going to learn about all great movie directors and film makers and their creations, you are going to learn about the evolution of this art and the basics of capturing the attention of the viewers.

If you only think about Hitchcock’s movies, you can easily see they have something that doesn’t let you get distracted. You need to stay focused until the end of the film in order to see what the characters are going to do and how their problems are going to be sorted out.

When studying film, you don’t necessarily need to become a movie creator or a director. You can choose a career in film critic, in production or in broadcasting and television. There are so many branches of this discipline, that it’s hard to know what a young student is going to become after graduation. It is possible some people join these schools with the intention of becoming famous movie directors. Others join out of curiosity, while others are passionate about a specific type of movie such as short film, animation or documentary. All of them are going to study film history, but they are going to follow different directions after they acquire the basic notions all such artists and industry professionals should be aware of.

You may think making a movie is easy with all the modern technology that allows even children shoot and edit their videos in a computer. Nonetheless, there is a science of matching the screenplay with the filming sequences and techniques, an art of choosing the right music for all important moments in the story and many other details you can’t know if you don’t study this discipline properly. Editing the movie is another very important part of the process. You can’t shoot everything in one single piece. You need many hours of footage in order to be able to put together a one hour long movie. You need a lot of theory and many hours of practice before being able to capture the interest of a potentially bored audience and keep them stuck in their chairs until the end of the film. This is a challenge even for reputable film makers, so you can expect to spend many hours trying various cuts and replacing various scenes until you get the desired effect.

Students who are passionate and willing to work hard for their passion have the greatest chances to succeed in their career. Those who are superficial and believe everything is a matter of talent are going to lose this race, as talent alone isn’t too useful.

  • Lovie February 27, 2017

    Oh man, I was really beiningng to enjoy reading these and it ends so abruptly. And with that comment promising more soon almost a month old with nothing new, is this the end of this? I sure hope not


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