Month: February 2021

No Title Productions Feb 18, 2021 0

Short History on Cinematography

Cinematography is the art of capturing still pictures and moving images with the use of sound, lights, and a film projector. Cinematographers work with directors and producers to determine the key action and scenes of a movie. In short, cinematography includes all the elements of ...

No Title Productions Feb 18, 2021 0

Learning How to Be a Film Director

If you are interested in learning how to be a film director, you will first need to decide whether this is going to be a major role in your career. In general, the film industry is a difficult and competitive field. The number of competing ...

No Title Productions Feb 16, 2021 0

Taking a Screenwriting Class to Improve Your Writing

Screenwriting Class... what is it? And why would anyone want to take one of these courses? Well, there are a lot of benefits to attending a screenwriting class. Some of the more notable benefits include feedback from industry experts, exposure to a wide array of ...

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