Month: August 2023

No Title Productions Aug 27, 2023 0

What Does it Take to Be a Film Maker?

Film makers create movies and other visual media. They may have specific roles in the writing, cinematography, directing, and editing process, but they are responsible for the overall production and must have a strong understanding of each element to produce films that meet the desired ...

No Title Productions Aug 20, 2023 0

Essential Techniques for Horror Film Making

Horror film making is one of the most challenging film making genres and requires a unique set of skills to create a truly terrifying movie. The best horror films don’t just rely on jumpscares and gore to scare the audience, they utilize a variety of ...

No Title Productions Aug 13, 2023 0

How to Make a Horror Film

Horror films are a great way for new filmmakers to learn how to use music, build suspense and create special effects. They also provide a good opportunity to experiment and learn from mistakes without the pressure of making a commercial film. But it is important ...

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