Month: January 2022

No Title Productions Jan 15, 2022 0

The Best Film Schools For You

The number of top film schools is increasing every year. The University of Pennsylvania, for instance, has a program named after Oscar winner Sidney Poitier. ASU will move to a new campus in downtown Mesa in the fall of 2022. In the meantime, the school ...

No Title Productions Jan 13, 2022 0

Benefits of Filmmaking Schools

There are many benefits of attending a filmmaking school. Most offer a comprehensive curriculum with classes taught by experienced professionals. In addition to a top-notch education, filmmaking schools offer industry-standard equipment and extracurricular activities. Some of them also offer scholarships for aspiring filmmakers. Here are ...

No Title Productions Jan 11, 2022 0

How to Find the Best Film School

When you graduate from film school, the industry is waiting. There are numerous jobs available in the industry, and many film schools will train you to be a part of the next big blockbuster. You can work as a production assistant, camera operator, or director. ...

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