Month: March 2021

No Title Productions Mar 04, 2021 0

What Is A Cinematographer Website?

If you're a cinematographer, you'll want to have a website of your own, so you can showcase your work. A cinematographer's website will give him or her a chance to make contacts and display the films he or she has worked on. A good website ...

No Title Productions Mar 03, 2021 0

Becoming a Film Director

There is so much pressure on working on your craft as a filmmaker that it can be easy to become overwhelmed at times and lose sight of your purpose. Film directors know exactly what their job is and they go into it with a passion. ...

No Title Productions Mar 02, 2021 0

Types of Film-Making Techniques

Cinematography refers to the art of photography; cinematography includes all aspects that are involved in taking motion Picture Pictures. Cinematography is an extremely complex field, involving many scientific disciplines. cinematography It is also called "the visual arts". Cinematography includes everything from arranging the set up ...

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