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Cinematography- Becoming a Great Cinematographer

Cinematography is the art and science of creating motion pictures of an image in a particular scene. Cinematography requires professional techniques and skills in order to realize admirable results in a given task. To be a good cinematographer, you should be able to understand the various techniques applied with the aim of achieving great results as expected by the director of photography. In order to achieve these results, one should consider doing the following things that shall help them in becoming admirable cinematographers.


1. Know how to communicate with your crew members.
Communication is the ultimate key in achieving teamwork, dedication, and total cooperation. As a cinematographer, you will have many, many tasks on an actual film set and communicating well with your crew should be very much set in stone. If proper and healthy communication is ensured between the team members, activities will run smoothly since every member of the crew knows what he/she is expected of them. Creating great teamwork will not only help in fostering a creative environment, but will also help in getting the film in the can under or in budget.

2. Understand photography and lighting.
The magic of cinematography depends greatly on quality and professional lighting. As a cinematographer, you are expected to play the role of painting photography via lighting. A basic cinematographer should know how to create proper lighting and make the subjects visible. After learning to make your subjects visible, you should concentrate on making your skills perfect such that your lighting conveys a message that reinforces what your subject is trying to convey. Therefore, understanding lighting is a key tool to be applied in cinematography.

3. Work hard and gain experience to perfect your skills.
A cinematographer with little experience in photography is more likely to cause a mess in the course of his job as compared to one who has had much experience in this field. To become a professional cinematographer, you should love working hard and develop the desire to know more. Watching other cinematographers who have excelled in this field will also help you in learning the different tactics that you could use in tackling the hard tasks. Observing the mistakes they make will help you avoid making the same mistakes later on. Working on different film sets will help you identify your weaknesses and improve them. Once you arrive on the film set you will begin to perform better and better without he goal of creating a beautiful movie.

4. Be comfortable and learn how to work with the instruments of photography efficiently.
Learning how to use the tools of work in cinematography shall help in giving you the desired confidence for better results in your career. You should be comfortable in setting up the lighting equipment and avoid relying on your subordinates. You should have the desire to know how the rest of the crew views the working field since they might have a better idea on the project that you are working on.


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