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Film Makers Are Making Great Films That Will Impact Our World

There are many early film makers that did an ‘Hitchcock’ about thirty years ago. One such early film maker was Robert Paul, who produced over eight hundred films during his lifetime. He also occasionally appeared in them, including his wife, actor Ellen Paul. In Fun on the Clothesline (1896), they star in a film starring a slack-line artist, Harry Lamore. It is hard to miss them in these early films.

Film is still the traditional medium of choice for older film makers, but it is expensive for most studios to authorize. Film also has a few disadvantages. Because of this, most film shoots are only shot once, so the crew needs to save as much film as possible. Using film requires developing and editing the footage, which takes time. It is also difficult to find affordable film storage and developing services, which adds to the costs. Despite all these drawbacks, independent film makers are still able to make good quality films at a low cost.

While it is easier for film makers to make films at home than ever, there are still many barriers to entry for filmmakers. Despite the technological advances in filmmaking, filmmakers must still find financing and distribution for their films. The traditional method of film distribution was reliant on film festivals and film distribution to sell their films, but the internet has made this easier than ever. Whether a film is independent or commercially viable, it has the potential to reach a large audience.

The film makers above all are making great films that will impact the world. Some of these are not only making great films but also challenging our assumptions about what is possible. One such film maker is David Cronenberg, who is in his fourth decade of making films. His films, including the smash hit The Thin Blue Line and Mr Death, were made while the director was hiding life-threatening political commentary in them. But he is not a traditional film maker. Instead, his films have hybrid styles, combining drama with documentary and actors with non-actors.

Those interested in learning about filmmaking should consider the Experimental Cinema Program in Boulder, Colorado, which was spearheaded by Stan Brakhage and Carla Selby. Today, it is known as First Person Cinema, and its curator, Don Yannacito, has expanded the program’s reach to international audiences. It is also the longest continuously screening avant-garde film series, and one that showcases personal film makers. There are no other film programs that are as diverse and inspiring as the Experimental Cinema Program.

The definition of ‘independent’ and’studio’ films became blurred. The success of Midnight Cowboy, financed by United Artists, was an example of an ‘independent’ film. It spawned a boom in non-studio movies. Some ambitious men switched to the production side within a few years. These filmmakers quickly became famous for their frugality and grueling shooting schedule.


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