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How to Get Started in Film Making

Film making is a complex process that involves the use of various technologies and cinematic techniques to create movies. These films can be theatrical or episodic, for broadcast and streaming platforms, or even promotional or educational. Film makers use a wide range of creative tools and skills to bring their vision to life, including storytelling, cinematography, editing and sound design. This type of work can be very demanding, especially if you’re working in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing.

The first step in any film project is to develop the concept. This can be done by writing your own script or finding one that’s already written. It’s important to consider your intended audience and what kind of story will draw them in and keep their attention. It’s also helpful to think about the types of shots you want to include and how they will help tell your story.

Once you’ve completed the development phase, it’s time to move on to pre-production. This is where you’ll begin raising money and getting the necessary equipment together. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have a plan for the shoot, including a schedule and locations. You’ll also need to create a shot list to help you map out the footage you need to get during the production phase.

During the pre-production stage, it’s also a good idea to start creating your mood board. This is a great way to brainstorm and capture all of your ideas for the film, as well as to start putting them into context. You can organize your ideas by theme, location or aesthetic. It’s a good idea to share this board with everyone on your team so they can provide feedback and input.

Next, it’s time to create a detailed budget. This will help you determine a realistic budget for your film and track spending throughout the production process. It’s also a good idea for filmmakers to consult with an accountant at this stage, as they will be able to advise on the best way to structure your film’s finances.

The final stage is post-production, which is where you’ll take all of your raw footage and start editing it. This can be a very challenging and time-consuming process, but it’s also where you’ll be able to put all of your filmmaking knowledge to use. Whether you learned it in school, through obsessive viewing of films or through online tutorials, it’s important to use this knowledge to shape your footage into a coherent and engaging story.

Once your movie is complete, it’s time to start promoting it! This can be a daunting task, but it’s essential if you want to get people to see your film. Make a trailer and poster, and don’t forget to submit your film to film festivals! The more people that see your film, the more likely it is to find an audience.


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