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How to Make a Horror Film

Horror films are a fun and easy way for beginner filmmakers to get their feet wet in the movie business. They often have a small budget, which is good for those just starting out. This genre also allows the viewer to engage with the characters and story in a more personal manner, resulting in a more intimate viewing experience. This film genre is also a great way to test out your acting skills, as some actors really shine in this genre.

The best horror films are ones that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. This is done through the pacing of the plot, and by placing terrifying scenes in strategic places throughout the film. A great trick is to use sound effects to scare the audience. This can be done through the use of ambient noise or a haunting soundtrack. It can also be done through the use of screams, groans and gasps.

Another important element in horror film making is the villain or monster. This is a character that the audience will fear and want to see destroyed. A common method is to show only a part of the monster, which will allow the audience to fill in the gaps of what it looks like using their own imaginations. This is more effective than showing the entire monster, as it will always be more scary to the audience if they have to imagine it on their own.

In addition to a menacing villain, it is important to have an unsettling setting in which to film. Typical settings include abandoned mental asylums, empty school buildings and creepy old mansions. However, many horror movies also work well in regular settings such as suburban neighborhoods, which can make the viewer feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

When it comes to the characters, it is essential that they are relatable and believable. Usually, horror films focus on one main protagonist and the rest of the cast are either friends or family members who support them in their fight against the villain. This can be a very effective way to draw the audience into the film and create empathy with the characters, which will ultimately make them more afraid.

Lastly, the final scene in your horror film is crucial. Typically, this will be the most heart-racing and bloody scene of the whole film. This will bring everything that the film has been building up to together and allow the hero to triumph over their evil antagonist. This is the perfect place to add a twist, which will further heighten the suspense and tension of the film.

To start making your own horror film, it is best to take a look at some of the classics and learn from them. By taking notes on the pacing of the plot, how frightening scenes are placed throughout the film and the overall editing techniques used in these types of films, you will be on your way to creating a horror masterpiece.


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