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Important Tips On Filmmaking


Filmmaking can be very hectic and stressful…no matter how much experience in the field you have. There’s a lot involved that gets people under a lot of pressure. It is definitely clear to those who have been in the field that every step taken to produce any film depending on its length is very important. Every second of a film counts and therefore there are a lot of things that should strictly be put under consideration especially to achieve the best end results. The following is a guideline, especially for first time filmmakers who are in the process of producing their first film.

Having a very good script for your film is the 1st most important thing on your filmmaking list. It doesn’t matter the length of your script or the amount of money that you are planning to spend on your film. You must make sure that your script is one that will clearly attract people to your story. It will be so much easier for your entire shoot if your crew is happy with the script as well, as it makes the entire process go more smoothly.

After you have your script and are sure you are okay with it, go ahead and break it down. This stage is very important. When doing this, try to ensure that you have a good reason why any shot should be part of the film. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you will need during production. Most of the time the director will realize that some shots are not needed and they end up being thrown aside, this happens mostly when shooting short films or films with a very tight budget.

Do everything you can to ensure that you get the perfect crew. Go for people who are passionate about filmmaking and are willing to do everything possible to make the best film possible. You should get people who are fast, obedient and most of all professionals. Remember…this is your team. They should share your vision of how the film will end up. And also remember this: your crew are artists as much as you are. respect that, and you will be a very happy director.


If you have limited time for the production of your first film, you will have to choose the easiest approach/aesthetic so that you can save as much time as possible. TIME IS MONEY!!! Don’t burn thru it as if there is plenty. Remember that, and your shoot will be great. You can choose to shoot using hand held, as complicated setups like dolly shots can take much time. Shooting using handheld goes for films that have less dialogue in it.

Never assume that the first shot taken is perfect and you will not need another. This practice will make you very frustrated when you get back to the post production part i.e. editing. No matter how perfect you think the first shot is… it is ALWAYS better to take the second one just to be safe. This is because you never know what technical issues you will have about it when you get to the editing suit.
If you are a first time filmmaker, follow these steps carefully. This will help you be sure of what exactly you are getting into, and hence come up with a good production in the end.

  • David Reuben January 4, 2018

    Truly hepling tips for me. I am as Assist. Director of a tamil film. Thank you sir greatly valued. GOD bless.


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