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No Film School - How to Make a Movie Without Spending a Lot of Money

If you have an interest in filmmaking, but do not have the time or money to attend film school, there are ways to get started without spending thousands of dollars. There are several online resources to help you make a movie, from tutorials to news. No Film School is a worldwide community for filmmakers, where you can learn from fellow filmmakers and share your work with the world. These websites are growing rapidly and average four million pageviews a month.

While many schools will grant you a certificate of completion at the end of your study, a film education is still essential to a successful career in the industry. The average cost of attending a film school is $80,000, which can be a major obstacle for aspiring filmmakers. Investing in a digital camera and video editing software can help you make movies for a fraction of the price. A good digital camera can be purchased for around $8,000.

In addition to film history courses, a film school will teach you about film production and digital media production. The curriculum may also include television and audio engineering. Most film schools offer courses on film theory, screenwriting, and technical equipment. In addition to film history, film production programs will teach you about screenwriting, cinematography, digital media, and audio engineering. Depending on the type of school you attend, you might be able to study digital media production and even learn a new language.


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