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The Career of a Film Maker

Before a filmmaker can make a movie, he or she needs to know who will watch the finished product. Generally, the film is marketed through various means, including television, radio, newspapers, word-of-mouth, social media, and even billboards. If the film is well-received, filmmakers will receive a check over the years. If the film is not well-received, they may be left with legal and financial obligations for as long as they hold the rights to it.

The final step is grading the film. Grading is a complicated process involving calibrated equipment and a skilled colorist. Other aspects of film making include audio and video, special effects, and titles. The highest quality file of a film is the “Master” or “Deliverables” (the final version), and each one of those files is considered a final product. These deliverables can be YouTube, film festival, television channel, or OTT platform versions.

Some film makers began their careers as actors or filmmakers. Some notable film makers were Tony Richardson, a British director who started in the Free Cinema movement and went on to direct some of the most powerful works of film realism. He is also known as the “Man You Love to Hate”. His major films as a director include Foolish Wives (1922), The Entertainer (1960), and Scorpio Rising (the same year as his death). Then there are the films of MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI, a leading Indian director. His films include “Apu” trilogy, Pather Panchali (1953), and Avatar.

In the United States, filmmakers with international recognition are often grouped together. Directors such as Martin Scorsese and Abbas Kiarostami, who is currently the most popular film maker, have all emerged from different fields. While many of these filmmakers are associated with American film makers, there are a handful of non-American filmmakers who are making a splash in the international film scene. For instance, Ben Davies emerged from the state-sponsored art-film sector in the mid-80s and has since produced two films. In his recent film, he adapts Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song.

The best filmmakers are often the most prolific. With an average of six to seven films made each year, Miike has a busy schedule and a disregard for taste. While many of his films are a joy to watch, he does have his share of misfires, particularly generic gangster pictures. A filmmaker’s resume should be complete, and include a resume. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!

In film making, however, a director is responsible for choosing the actors. He or she may have written characters specifically for an actor or actress. But even if the actor or actress turns out to be unsuitable for a role, a filmmaker can’t avoid the fact that the actor may back out or even die during the filming. It is disrespectful of the art of filmmaking to shirk the casting process altogether. And that’s just one example of how the film making process works.


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