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The Filmmakers Cooperative

Filmmakers Cooperative is an artistic organization founded by Bryan Bello, a master’s graduate of the American University School of Communication. The coop’s activities include distribution of avant-garde cinema, literary and artistic activities, and the production of analog films. Its founding members hope to create a more democratic environment in the film industry, and they have achieved a lot by working together. This article aims to introduce you to this organization, and its members.

The Filmmakers’ Cooperative is an independent nonprofit organization with a large collection of avant-garde films. They feature over 5,000 titles by more than 1,500 artists. The films are authored on various film formats and have multi-person crews. The Cooperative is a great place to start if you’re interested in creating and distributing your own films. Its members are also trained in film literacy, resume writing, and other skills that will help them advance in their careers.

Filmmakers’ Cooperative also produces documentaries and short films. The films that come out of this cooperative’s library are often a mixture of genres, from satire to political activism. A film co-op has a mission to promote and support the art of film and to preserve the moving image. To learn more, visit their website. There are also many different opportunities to get involved in the organization. You can learn about its history and how it can benefit your career.

The Cooperative’s vision was to create a space for artists to create alternative cinema. It was established in the early 1960s in New York City and grew into one of the most influential institutions of the underground and experimental film movements. Today, the Cooperative continues to operate as a non-exclusive organization to sustain a vibrant alternative film culture. All people who want to make films can become members of the co-op.

Film-makers’ Cooperative has a large collection of avant-garde and independent films. Their library contains over 5,000 titles by more than 1,500 filmmakers. They create films in many different formats. The Film-Makers’ Cooperative rents out their films to institutions, cinemas, and festivals. There are many benefits of membership in a co-op. Most importantly, you’ll find a community of passionate filmmakers.

A Cooperative is an organization with a common mission. The Co-op has a rich collection of avant-garde films, including experimental and underground films. The Co-op’s membership is open to anyone who wishes to become a member. It is a unique, creative and vital place for artists in the film industry. You can rent out any of its titles, or simply rent them out for private screenings.

The LFMC is a nonprofit charitable organization that produces 16mm and HD films. It is now in its 42nd year of operation. The members have access to exhibition, distribution, and a published journal. The Co-op also offers informal writer/director/actor labs. They have regular screenings of new films. You can also join a film club. They’re very active in the world of independent film.


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