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The Main Ingredients Of Top Film Festivals


Have you ever wondered why out of the thousands of film festivals in the world, there are those that really do stand out? They must have some unique characteristics that attract movie makers and actors so much that even getting nominated for an award by these festivals are such a big deal to their careers. Film festivals like Cannes, Venice Biennale, Toronto, Berlin and Sundance just to name a few have been a huge success, but what separates these film festivals from those who are not fortunate enough to be considered as top-tier? Here are some of the main ingredients that a top film festival should have:

Cause – All of these festivals have a legitimate cause to why they’re regularly held. For example, Cannes was initially celebrated in 1939 as a protest to the political usurping of various awards in Venice. Berlin’s film fest was used as a sign of pursuit to revive the artistic expression of Germans through movies and films. Almost all of these film festival events are started to deliver a message whether political, artistic or cultural. Most of the people attend and join these film festivals as a sign of cooperating with what the festivity stand for.

Consistency – since most film festivals are driven by their respective cause, consistency is very important for the festival’s success. If the festival kept changing its belief and the cause why it’s held, it would be difficult to establish loyalty and faith from its supporters.

Connections – No film festival in the world have been successful without broad and strong connections in the movie and film industry. Film festivals won’t be successful if famous people from the movie and film industry are not patronizing it. We can even say that any film festival’s success is heavily reliant on the type of filmmakers and actors that are joining it. The reason why some film festivals are considered to be more prestigious than others is because more famous actors and filmmakers are joining them.

Flexibility – Although film festivals should be consistent, they too should be flexible. If you’re wondering how Cannes sustained its success throughout the years, it’s because they’re willing to extend and adjust to the culture and current state of the world. For example, the criteria for judging movies and films ten years ago should be very different on how you rate movies and films of today. Almost everything about movies is evolving as years go by. The style of acting is very different, the graphics are insanely better, the scripts that are used are more vulgar and etcetera so we should expect film festivals to adapt to these changes.

The next time that you’re watching a film festival, try and observe if these ingredients are present to what you’re watching. You’d be surprised that even though most of the top festivals are different from one another, they too can be very much alike. Overall, film festivals are here so we can continuously celebrate and enjoy good quality films and movies that are highly influential in our daily lives.

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