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The Tricks of Horror Film Making

When it comes to horror film making, there are a few tricks that the professionals know to use. They are often simple, but they can make or break a movie. The main trick is the use of a heightened sense of suspense. This is accomplished through a number of means, such as slowing down a scene or using quick cuts. This keeps the audience on edge and makes them feel like they are in the middle of the action, even when they are watching from the safety of their couch.

Another way to create a sense of fear is through the use of off-screen sound effects. Whether it is the noise of footsteps or the creak of a door, these sounds are used to help create a sense of dread and anxiety. They are also a great way to set the mood and add an air of mystery. Adding a haunting musical score to the mix can also enhance a scary feeling. Using royalty free music is usually best as it can be used without fear of copyright violations.

Creating on-screen visuals can also be a key to horror film making. Using shadows to hide characters, for example, can be very effective. Likewise, back lighting a villain or creature can also be very scary. This technique is called mise-en-scene and is a very important part of any film.

It is important to tap into the viewer’s own fears and anxieties when it comes to horror film making. This can be done by utilizing settings that are familiar to the audience, such as everyday neighborhoods or schools. By doing this, the audience is more likely to identify with the setting and picture themselves in the same situation as the protagonist. It can also be helpful to use hand-held POV shots to give the audience a more personal connection with the film and thus, make it scarier.

The use of a well-written back story for the monster or villain can also be very effective in a horror film. It is important to create a reason for the villain’s actions, which will in turn, cause the audience to be scared of them. It is also a good idea to subvert expectations by introducing a character or element of the film that the audience might not expect.

In addition to a well-written screenplay, it is also essential that the special effects be high quality and well executed. There is nothing more off putting than cheap or fake looking special effects in a horror movie, as this can completely ruin the viewers’ experience. By doing some research on fx companies that provide the highest quality work and by using their demo reels as reference, filmmakers can avoid this common pitfall. It is also helpful to look into techniques such as color grading and underexposing to achieve the desired look. Using these tools along with the proper sound design and haunting music can elevate a horror film from good to great.


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