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Watch Free Movies Online Now

Watching a good movie is a great way to spend a night at home. Online pay per view movie services have made the trip to the local video store unnecessary. However, not everyone has the budget to watch their favorite flicks on demand every night. With the advent of video sharing technology, pay per view services have been rendered irrelevant as well. However, the good news is that you can watch free movies online now right on your computer.

The first game changing technology was video streaming site. Sites like Mega Video and Potlucker allow members to upload videos ripped from DVDs or recordings right to their servers where they can be watched by other people. Often these sites incentivize people to share their videos by offering them a percentage of ad revenue generated by the page hosting their video. It is a win-win scenario for those sharing, the video service, and those getting to watch movies on the site free at home.

The problem with these sites is that they are rapidly monitored by those holding copyright claims. The United States government even took down Kim Dotcom’s Mega Video site despite the fact he was not operating in the US. DMCA complaints are causing more and more videos on these services to be taken down. While it is still possible to find the video you want using these sites, it is getting harder and harder. free movie online

The easiest way to watch free movies online now is to use a bitTorrent site such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. These sites aggregate a list of magnet links to video torrent files which one can use to download the movie of your choice. Movies, TV series, books, CDs, and software can all be accessed on these sites for free. You can often even get movies that have just been released in theaters! However, they are not always the best quality since they are usually taken by someone who has taken a camera into the theater without being noticed.

Simply do a search for the movie you want on one of these sites and click on the magnet link. The magnet link is used with a bitTorrent client to access the file. The reason bitTorrent aggregation sites like Pirate Bay are hard to shut down is they do not actually host the files on their servers. Pieces of the movie are held on people’s home computers all around the globe by way of the bitTorrent clients they use to download the files.

By clicking on the magnet link you will start to download the movie, while also re-sharing the parts you downloaded with others on the internet. Since the movie industry does not like such peer-to-peer sharing, it is best to use a proxy service to hide your IP address when using bitTorrent from a country with severe copyright laws like the US.

Once the download is done, the movie can be watched right on your computer using a program like VLC or your favorite media player. Free movies are now available at any time as long as you have an internet connection and are willing to give the finger to the copyright authorities in your country.

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