No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 0

Beginning Directors – 3 Easy Steps To Directing Actors

  I am an actor and a filmmaker. I have been in a number of tv shows as well as movies. And I have made 14 short films in the last 6 years. So for me as both an actor and filmmaker, there is no there ...

No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 0

Directing Actors – 5 Easy Tips

In My Humble Opinion, there is no there relationship more important when making a film than the relationship you have with your actors. Many directors are somewhat uncomfortable with actors. The reason for this is that they really don’t understand actors and sometimes even dislike ...

No Title Productions Jun 27, 2017 0

The Top 8 Film Festivals in the U.S.

Film Festivals are a crazy and wonderful experience. If you are lucky enough to get asked to participate in one. Your film can be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of film lovers, and it can be a kick-start to your filmmaking career. However, the ...

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