No Title Productions Dec 29, 2016 1

What Do Film Studies Teach

  Do you love films and would like to pursue a career in the industry? If so, then film studies may be something you are interested in, but you should know what some of the things you will learn are. With that said, below are a ...

No Title Productions Dec 28, 2016 0

Some Basic Info About Film Festivals

  Since the advent of the camera many, many years ago, tons of movies, television shows, and films have been produced. So many, that it is hard to quantify the amount. Regardless of the number, every year there are countless film festivals around the world commemorating ...

No Title Productions Dec 26, 2016 0

Cinematography- Becoming a Great Cinematographer

Cinematography is the art and science of creating motion pictures of an image in a particular scene. Cinematography requires professional techniques and skills in order to realize admirable results in a given task. To be a good cinematographer, you should be able to understand the ...

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