No Title Productions Mar 31, 2024 0

How to Make a Horror Film

The horror genre has a reputation for being both entertaining and unsettling. It’s a difficult balance to strike, however. Too much gore or violence can make a film seem unrealistic or just plain gross, while too few scares can leave the audience feeling bored. Fortunately, ...

No Title Productions Mar 24, 2024 0

Essential Steps in Horror Film Making

Horror film making is a genre that relies on building tension and scaring the audience. The right use of music and sound effects will make a scene creepy, while the editing style can heighten suspense. In addition, careful consideration of camera angles and the lighting ...

No Title Productions Mar 17, 2024 0

What Makes a Horror Film?

Horror films are a mainstay of cinema, going back to Frankenstein and Dracula in the silent era through modern horror classics like The Exorcist and Jaws. They have the ability to make our skin crawl, our hearts beat faster and cause us to flinch and ...

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